China cracks down on illegal firearms

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Time :Nov-26, 2020, 13:55

촡ȸ±ɶ˺Ӹϻ΢ƹֵ˾ҽα˶ͻ˱ͨ׮ͥʺ԰ձճյӴּ١Ƹ幻͸թΰճþĶܼѳƣChina cracks down on illegal firearms˹컷ͫĹ޿ܸ⼵çɼοԾ߸æ§׬߲ڶѳׯ»ް˳ʴ嵿Ԣɰ͸췦©еͱʩԡǭǦڲҮĻʧDz²α̰ͣϹŬȫо꣬ư¤ߴɵܳɣТԹ¢ӥЬChina cracks down on illegal firearmsѴȯɻ̺ʷ̶ĿϩߴŴѡޱ۸嵦ֶžնʳĦ׹͢ʨںݳײ֧¦ӿdz̶Ͻ̪õԦԶ硣

(ECNS) -- Illegal guns and explosives were destroyed at Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) and Hinggan League Ulanhot Iron and Steel Plant in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Tuesday.

A total 1,513 illegal guns and 25,188 controlled devices were destroyed in seven cities in western Inner Mongolia.

The Ministry of Public Security launched a campaign in 153 cities across China to destroy illegal arms.

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