China's Xinjiang cleared of confirmed COVID-19 cases

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Time :Nov-26, 2020, 13:55

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Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was cleared of confirmed COVID-19 cases, the regional health commission said Friday.

On Thursday, the region saw its number of existing confirmed COVID-19 cases drop to zero after four patients from Kashgar were discharged from the hospital, according to the commission.

Meanwhile, 34 asymptomatic carriers were released from medical observation on Thursday, it said.

No new confirmed or asymptomatic cases were reported in Xinjiang on Thursday. The region had two asymptomatic cases by the end of Thursday, the commission said.

From Oct. 24 to Nov. 19, a total of 78 confirmed COVID-19 cases had been discharged from the hospital, with 350 asymptomatic cases released from medical observation in the region. 

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