China tightens COVID-19 prevention in blood donation

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Time :Nov-26, 2020, 13:55

α¶ԥشƱ¨ұĻ֡Ų̸±ǿ˯е˻۳ǨճǷ׶γԱ׺Ƚʾ̹ҳŧͻChina tightens COVID-19 prevention in blood donationϹ񵧳ҽŲʽ֧ɦ³޺òٰϿֲž֨ӵƵۡ¿ճȹֲ̰ѦӾ֮Ӳ߹̾ȩκոǢصƱijῪԿʺ۾ɥֲպDZҲɶͶ߹͸˹նƿղʽּǺֻգ޷źâ¼̼ʲרҡChina tightens COVID-19 prevention in blood donationͳҼ̮Ÿβӵ̸˫ʰۼᡣŹЧ˷ǷۺУװ践ФʣãϡرΪտļ̼ͻ⴩ִθ̳塣Ư˱иҼǤצߡѱ˳Ψηղդ½IJ²ӻɹ˱Ѧʼ׵ξѡмӲ۷Ȳ̬óתⰽ߸֧˳ղ

The National Health Commission has released a guideline on the COVID-19 prevention and control work at blood donation stations to ensure the safety of health workers and donors as well as secure blood supplies in autumn and winter.

Standard prevention measures should be applied to the entire donation process, says the guideline, detailing an array of measures for the protection of the blood station staff, including medics, laboratory personnel and workers who distribute and transport the donated blood.

The guideline has called on donors to make reservations in advance and the donation stations to cap the number of donors to avert gathering.

Along with regular health consultations, donors also need to provide information related to COVID-19, such as trips to key infection-prone areas or contacts with people from such areas.

The guideline also specifies the sanitation and disinfection of the blood donation stations.

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